External Pacemaker Analyzer

The PMA-1 has been specifically designed for use with all types of external cardiac pacemakers including invasive and non-invasive (transthoracic) types. The comprehensive range of tests and simulations will meet the needs of all cardiac units and the print and recording features will achieve time and cost savings for the biomedical department.

The microprocessor-based analyzer enables measurement and display of pacing pulse rate, height and width, as well as A-V interval, refractory period, R, S and T, wave sensitivity, long term stability, and susceptibility to 50/60 Hz interference.

The internal programs generate the interference signals (50/60 Hz) as well as square, triangular, and haversine and ISO waveforms for the R, S and T wave simulations.


  • Includes all necessary test leads
  • Handheld portability
  • Large 2 line LCD
  • Comprehensive test ranges