Electrical Safety Analyzer

This device is designed to perform simple electrical safety tests on any type of medical equipment, whenever patient lead testing is not required. The rugged, hand-held instrument is built for quick and easy use. A simple selector knob controls the functions: Leakage Current and Chassis Resistance. Accurate test measurements are shown on the large display. Heavy-duty switches change polarity, open and close the neutral and select Chassis or Earth Leakage Current measurements. A four-wire Kelvin bridge eliminates reading errors in resistance due to cable length and contact resistance. True RMS measurements are provided for all current readings. The AAMI test load is utilized.


  • Small
  • Lightweight
  • Self-contained portable instrument Universal Power Supply. Input voltage from 85 – 265 VAC Chassis Resistance measurements are made with a four-wire Kelvin bridge to eliminate errors due to cable length Test method complies with AAMI load per ANSI/AAMI ES1-1993 Leakage Current can be measured in Open/Closed Neutral
  • Normal/Reversed Polarity and Open/Closed Ground All Leakage Current measurements are displayed directly in u00b5Amps”