Electrical Safety Analyzer

The DNI 232D Safety Analyzer is a precision voltage, current and resistance meter designed expressly for testing the electrical safety level of both, the patient environment and associated electrically operated equipment.

It measures:

  • grounding resistance of the equipment power cord
  • leakage current from the equipment’s chassis or ground wire
  • equipment load current
  • voltage gradient (mV) and intergrounding resistance (mOhms) using the external meter function and
  • power system AC voltages:
    • neutral to hot
    • neutral to ground, and
    • hot to ground

The model 232D additionally simplifies the electrical safety testing of more sophisticated electrically operated equipment with up to 10 direct-patient electrodes, such as a diagnostic 12-lead electrocardiograph or recorder. The test receptacle wiring can be set to simulate a wide range of power system faults.