Multiparameter Patient Simulator

The DataSim 6100 is a versatile training tool that features six channels for generating electrocardiogram arrhythmias, BP, and respiration. Critical-care nurses, clinical specialists, and instructors have the ability to generate an extensive range of simulations, from simple normal sinus rhythm to complex Swan-Ganz catheter insertion.

Because the hemodynamic waveforms are physiologically synchronized, students learn to identify physiological parameters healthcare professionals experience every day.

By interfacing the DataSim 6100 to an Arrhythmia Anne™, Resusci-Anne™ or Chris Clean™, instructors can teach the correct way to defibrillate a person and achieve the desired effect on electrocardiogram and BP activity.

A wide range of optional modules is available to expand DataSim 6100’s waveform selections. Each module plugs into the unit’s front panel and features a variety of speciality waveforms and waveform sequences.

To make training even more effective, a video adapter accessory displays electrocardiogram and BP waveforms generated by the DataSim 6100 on any standard TV set.

Designed for convenience, the DataSim 6100 features a handy handheld keypad, which is attached to the unit with a flexible 20-foot, telephone-style cord for exceptional range of motion.