Electrical Safety Analyzer

The handheld 180 Electrical Safety Analyzer is a lightweight, portable device for testing electrical systems, medical devices, and physiological instrumentation. The device includes the AAMI test load and has 5 jacks for patient applied parts testing. Small enough to fit in a briefcase, the analyzer works well as a bench-top instrument in the laboratory or a portable testing device in the mobile engineer’s toolbox. With its uncomplicated design, the 180 is simple to use. A single master function switch, directly labelled with the test to be performed, leads the user through a complete measurement procedure. The analyzer uses simple, yet sophisticated, electronics for true RMS measurement of current and voltage. The 180 also performs dual-lead leakage and resistance tests.

Key Features

  • Handheld
  • Self-switching 120 V/240 V operation
  • 15 A and 20 A capabilities
  • FIVE patient applied parts jacks | Dual-lead testing