Neonatal Incubator-Warmer Analyzer

Faulty incubator controls jeopardize the health of critical-care babies, lengthen hospital stays, and increase healthcare costs, making thorough incubator testing essential. The INCU™ Incubator Analyzer is the only device on the market today that accurately measures seven key parameters at once in a single, integrated unit, saving time and ensuring more accurate results.

Designed around AAMI and IEC standards that specify incubator and radiant warmer sound levels and thermal characteristics, the INCU simultaneously measures airflow, relative humidity, sound, and four independent temperatures. Adjustable measurement intervals allow technicians to configure the unit to meet their facilities’ testing requirements. Technicians are free to do other work while the device collects and records data.

The INCU is compatible with both closed, forced-convection incubators, and open infant warmers, including transportable, air-controlled, and baby-controlled units. Lightweight and portable, the INCU fits inside the incubator and operates as a stand-alone device or with a personal computer for automated testing. In stand-alone mode, the INCU displays measured parameters repeatedly in cycle fashion. INCU software lets technicians upload setup parameters and download the test results to a PC file, or print the data in reports with full-colour charts and graphs.


  • Simultaneous measurement of humidity, airflow, sound, and 4 independent temperatures
  • 24-hour continuous testing (battery); 35-hour continuous testing (main power)
  • Battery operated
  • Adjustable measurement intervals
  • Compatible with closed, forced-convection incubators and open infant warmers
  • Stand-alone measurement or automated testing with PC
  • Windows® compatible INCU software for easy data collection, analysis, and documentation
  • Numerical and full-color graphical reports