Pulse Oximeter Simulator

The Index 2 is the most versatile optical simulator for oximeters on the market today. This lightweight, portable tool includes preloaded manufacturers’ R-curves and the ability to define other “makes” for most pulse oximeters. Motion presets, player mode, transmission level control (TLC), and computer commands boost testing ability. The Index 2 can also be configured to include an optional electrical simulation feature with probe test. Optical and electrical simulations allow technicians to isolate problems quickly. The probe test identifies defective probes with quantitative test results.


  • Portable
  • 10 preloaded manufacturers’ R-curves
  • User-definable “makes” for most other manufacturers
  • New R-curves for Masimo, Nonin and Philips Medical Systems (formerly Agilent / H-P) oximeters
  • Six downloadable R-curve spaces available
  • Simultaneous simulation of motion and arterial-oxygen levels
  • Arterial wave-amplitude scale, calibrated in units of perfusion
  • Tap/shiver motion simulations to explore the impact of motion
  • RS-232 port for computer control
  • Physiological finger for complete SpO2 tests
  • Electrical simulations with probe testing