Multi-Parameter Patient Simulator

The portable MPS450 is Fluke Biomedical’s next generation multiparameter patient simulator.

Designed to evaluate the simplest ECG monitor to the most complex arrhythmia detection system, the MPS450 provides a broad range of physiological waveforms for comprehensive equipment testing and training.

The MPS450 features multiple simulations for ECG, blood pressure, respiration, temperature, pacemaker, artefact, and arrhythmia conditions.

Optional features include cardiac-output and fetal/ maternal ECG simulation. Microprocessor control, combined with extensive digital memory, makes testing quick and convenient. A menu-driven interface provides an intuitive method to get around the multitude of tests and functions, and the tool’s large, bright display makes reading test results easy.

Compact and portable, the MPS450 is ideal for mobile technicians, whether they need to do a quick check on a bedside monitor or perform a complete PM on the latest patient-monitoring system. The MPS450 is also an excellent training tool that teaches techniques for recognizing normal and abnormal conditions in the heart, lungs, and circulatory system, as well as techniques for CPR, defibrillation, and cardioversion. Cardiac physiologists learn how to interpret ECG waveforms, and respiratory physiologists learn pulmonary and respiratory analysis techniques.


  • 12-lead ECG simulation
  • 36 arrhythmia selections
  • Pacemaker simulation
  • 4 invasive blood-pressure channels, including Swan-Ganz
  • Respiration and temperature simulation
  • Blood pressure synchronization with ECG
  • Large, bright 4-line by 20-character super-twist display
  • Compact and portable
  • Battery operated
  • High-level ECG output
  • Intuitive interface
  • R-wave detection test
  • RS-232 port for computer control

Optional Features

  • Cardiac-output simulation
  • Fetal/maternal ECG, direct simulations with intrauterine-pressure waveform
  • Remote controller HHC3 (Handheld Controller)