Electrosurgical Analyzer

QA-ES Series II analyzes electrosurgical units quickly and accurately. A wide load-resistance range provides 128 user-selectable loads, including very low loads for testing many of today’s ESUs.An accuracy of ±5 % of reading down to 20 mA guarantees reliable high-frequency leakage results. With the capability to run an automatic power- distribution test in as little as 1 minute, the QA-ES II works fast so technicians save time. An Ansur QA-ES software plug-in allows users to create and automatically run tests, capture data, and produce easy-to-read reports with a PC.


  • Automatic power distribution measurement (including power current)
  • Peak-to-peak voltage (closed load only)
  • Crest-factor Oscilloscope output
  • High-frequency leakage measurements with an accuracy of ±5 % of reading
  • 128 internal user-selectable test loads from 10 u03a9 to 5200 u03a9
  • Foot-switch output for triggering the ESU under test
  • Ansur QA-ES software plug-in for automated test protocols
  • Large display
  • RS-232 and Centronic-printer interface “