Electrosurgery safety and performance testing made easy

You can perform electrosurgical safety maintenance checks on most units on the market today using the RF303RS. Compact and portable, the device is so simple to use that technicians can become proficient with the RF303RS within minutes. This electrosurgical analyzer measures ESU output and high-frequency leakage allows verification tests on the return electrode contact quality monitors and has an oscilloscope output for waveform viewing. Instantaneous output or selectable sample times provide extra versatility. The instantaneous mode is sufficient for most units, but if output readings are variable and require stabilizing, the signal-averaging mode allows users to manually select two additional, slower sampling times to produce an accurate average reading.

  • Simple configuration for easy use
  • Oscilloscope output, high-frequency leakage, and return electrode contact quality monitor tests
  • Instantaneous and signal-averaging measurement mode
  • Ability to connect with Fluke Biomedical medTester 5000C for automated solution
  • Portable use with battery power
  • 4-digit numeric LCD with backlight and power-save mode


  • Signal Averaging Mode (SAMTM)
  • RS-232 port for computer control
  • Battery powered for completely isolated measurement
  • Digital display
  • HF-leakage-current measurement
  • 4-digit numeric LCD with backlight and power-save mode
  • All existing units upgradeable to the RF303RS model