With new product features and enhanced software, the Endobench XT allows even greater capability for medical and service professionals to verify endoscope quality

Bench Top Systems

EndoBench XT is a portable endoscope image quality test system for medical equipment QC testing (optimized for when portability is desired). Using custom designed opto-mechanical system and software, the EndoBenchXT evaluates and reports the parameters that are central to a clinical environment. Adapters and fixtures enable the measurement of a wide range of rigid, flexible and video endoscopes.

Enhanced features for greater ability to verify scope quality:

  • Extended direction of view measurement range 

  • Improved data interface

  • 25% higher output external light source with improved control

  • Up-to-date system software and high performance CPU

  • MTF weighted average

  • Ability to rotate the data collection axis

  • Save and load setup information

  • Optional extended measurement range for very bright scopes