Hand-held Electrical Safety Analyzer

The Rigel 288 is the FIRST universal truly hand-held medical electrical safety tester to combine the features of an automatic/manual tester with a data logging/asset management facility. A compact lightweight design and long life battery power reduces downtime between tests, making the instrument totally practical and highly portable for multi-site use.


  • Versatile – Test in Accordance with the leakage requirements of
    • IEC/EN60601-1 and
    • IEC/EN 62353 as well as;
    • AAMI and NFPA (USA version)
    • AS/NSZ 3551 (Australian / New Zealand version)

Dedicated measuring devices are available according to IEC 60601 and AAMI requirements

  • Hand-held – Using purpose designed robust enclosure, the Rigel 288 is truly hand-held, easy to hold single-handed thus enabling one hand operation and navigation
  • Easy to use – A full graphic, monochrome LCD display (1/4 VGA minimum) in combination with an integral alpha-numeric ABCD-keyboard.
  • Manual and Automatic test modes – Able to perform UTS (Unique Test Sequence) and allows fully automatic, semi-automatic and fully manual testing.
  • User definable test routines – Users have the ability to amend the default programs or create new programs by copying the preset test programs. Each program will have a unique Identifier.
  • Multiple Applied Part function – This feature gives the user the capability of testing up to 10 individual Applied Parts from different Modules or classes e.g. BF and CF class, or Bf ECG and Bf SPO2 module.
  • Internal Asset management facilities – Store up to 10,000 test records, custom test routines, visual inspections and performance tests and download to and from PC via Blue Tooth Interface.


  • Calibration Certificate
  • Carrying Case
  • Earth bond test probe with clip
  • Earth bond clip lead
  • Patient-Applied Part adaptor box
  • 10 Applied part adaptors
  • Detachable 2-meter mains cable
  • Blue Tooth USB dongle
  • Electronic Instruction Manual
  • Removable ‘quick start’ card