An Electrical Safety Analyzer for Medical Devices

The Rigel SafeTest 50 is a rugged, reliable and dedicated medical safety analyzer. It is ideal for testing high volumes of medical and laboratory equipment that does not need patient lead testing.

With a large colour display and a colour-coded user interface, it’s easy to select the required tests with a single key press. A fast selection of the test routine makes the testing process speedy and dependable.

While compact, the SafeTest 50 includes a range of safety tests to enable compliance with a range of international safety standards, including leakage testing to NFPA-99, ES 60601, IEC 62353 and 61010, ground bond testing to NFPA-99, IEC 62353 and 61010.

Full manual control offers the benefit of executing only those specific tests that are required and provide the user with full control of the power cycles, making testing simple, easy and fast.


  • Compact, rugged and portable design
  • Fast step-through of test routines with minimized power breaks
  • Manual control of fault conditions
  • Large colour display
  • Tests to a range of international standards including NFPA-99, ES 60601, IEC 62353 and 61010
  • Secondary ground warnings to ensure valid tests