Pulse Oxymetry Analyzer (SpO2 Simulator)

  • Accurate optical/electronic simulation
  • Hand-held and Battery powered
  • On-board memory and keyboard
  • Electronic and optical simulation
  • Portable and lightweight
  • Manufacturer R-curves
  • Prepared for PPM protocols
  • Intuitive User Interface

The Rigel SP-SIM is a handheld, high-performance pulse oximetry simulator for the fast, accurate and efficient testing of SpO2 devices. Utilising both optical and electronic simulation techniques, the SP-SIM SpO2 simulator eliminates the inconsistencies that can often be associated with testing using traditional equipment like an optical finger.

With full adjustments of pulse volume and heart rate, the Rigel SP-SIM SpO2 simulator is compatible with most common R-curves for maximum flexibility.

Bluetooth connectivity to a range of accessories and Med-eBase, comprehensive database software, ensures fast and easy download of test results, managing your asset database, creation of test sequences and producing test certificates.

The Rigel PULS-R SpO2 Finger Simulator can also be used with the SP-SiM Sp02 simulator