Renting / Leasing eliminates some of the initial purchase and maintenance costs of owning equipment, which often must be replaced before it has even reached the end of its life span due to changing technologies. And it gives you the flexibility to satisfy your short-term requirements, peak seasonal needs and chronic equipment demands.When patient census fluctuates or capital funds are scarce, QRS can meet your short-term and long-term equipment needs. Our equipment rental / leasing services provide you with the user ready equipment needed, when it is needed.

Fast and convenient service for your hospital equipment

Our manufacturer trained and certified biomedical equipment technicians make meticulous calibrations, repairs and provide preventive and maintenance for the rental and leased equipment:

  • Biomedical/Clinical Testing Tools
    • Electrical Safety Analyzers
    • ESU Analyzers
    • Patient Parameter Simulators
    • Defibrillator Analyzers
    • Endoscope Equipment Testers
    • Infusion Pump Analyzer

You can count on QRS

Why rent / lease Test & Measurement Equipment?

In short, renting/leasing is about cost and convenience:

  • Reduce costs If you only need a unit a few times a year, it may be cheaper to rent it than to buy.
  • Reduce maintenance Rental units come already calibrated. No need for you to worry about downtime or maintenance expenses.
  • Speed Since rental expenses are typically low, they are much more easily approved than typically larger capital requests, and the units can get to you more quickly.
  • No capital requests required Renting is an expense. Most teams have more flexibility with their expense budget than with their capital investment.
  • Inventory control Rent only what you need, for the time you need it, and avoid carrying excessive inventory.
  • Controlled expense flow Rental expenses are charged monthly, so you can conserve cash.
  • Demo Not sure if a popular unit is the right fit? Rent it for a week and see how it fits into your process.
  • Flexible payment arrangements Renting-to-buy? Renting with an option to buy later? Ask us your special requests and we will see what we can work out to fit your needs.

Why rent from QRS Calibrations?
  • Knowledge We sell, calibrate and use the instruments we rent, so we can help you find the right thing for your application.
  • Rapid growth We are adding a wide range of units.
  • Flexibility Ask us about your unusual rental/leasing need – chances are we can fulfill it.
  • Calibration Most instruments come with accredited calibrations, including all data and uncertainties.
  • Repair You can rent / lease an instrument while your unit is being repaired, serviced or calibrated – either by QRS or by the OEM.
  • Demo program Try a unit out for a week if you are not sure about how it fits into your process.

Long-term rental discounts and rent-to-buy arrangements are available.