Single Channel Infusion Device Analyzer.

Highly Accurate and Cost-Effective Single-Channel Analyzer.

Infutest Solo meets the needs of customers who desire a highly accurate infusion device analyzer capable of a measuring infusion device output flow patterns, including pulsatile flows, but can manage their work load with a cost-effective single-channel analyzer.

  • Lightweight – Battery-Operated
  • Auto-Test Function
  • Cost Effective

Memory Storage for up to 120 Tests

The Infutest Solo has internal memory storage for up to 120 test records. You can further expand testing capabilities by connecting the Infutest Solo to vPad* or ES601 Plus Electrical Safety Analyzers by running full auto sequences.

Store and Transfer Data Easily

When not connected to the ES601 Plus, it’s still easy to get information about the device under test into Solo. Just use the front panel keypad to enter or connect an external barcode reader to scan the control number of the pump you are testing. Store the test results on all of the pumps you process, then transfer the test data to the Infutest Solo PC Utility Software at your convenience via USB or RS-232. It’s that easy!
* vPad-ES/ES 2/Rugged/Rugged 2


  • Accuracy – Better than 1% on ALL pumps, including Baxter Colleague and Alaris® Signature.
  • Portability – Infutest Solo allows both line and battery use. Battery provides up to 30 hours of continuous operation.
  • Auto-Test Mode – Enables automatic flow and pressure test for VTBI/Dose accuracy tests and more.
  • Multi-Pump Test Results – Infutest Solo will retain the test results for more than 120 pump tests in its internal memory until downloaded to a PC.
  • Keypad Input – Infutest Solo allows the user to enter an equipment control number from the front panel keypad or by using the optional RS-232 barcode scanner to uniquely identify individual tests.
  • USB Connectivity – Infutest Solo incorporates USB communication capabilities for efficient data transfer to your PC.
  • Data Transfer – Infutest Solo comes complete with Windows-based data transfer program (DTP-Solo) for quick and easy data transfer, plus organization and printing of test results.
  • ES601 Plus Connectivity – vPad and ES601 Plus Connectivity – Connect Infutest Solo to your vPad* or ES601 Plus Electrical Safety & Performance Analyzers for the ultimate in capability and flexibility!