SpO2 Simulator – with Nellcor® probe

The versatile, hand-held Oxitest Plus7 provides advanced technology for verifying the proper operation and performance of pulse oximeter monitors and modules throughout the clinical environment.

The Oxitest Plus7 has an exclusive Nellcor-Puritan Bennett sensor port, which was developed in cooperation with Nellcor®. This Industry-exclusive feature allows correct selection of the instrument’s simulation output to the specific R-Cal value of the attached Nellcor® probe.

  • High accuracy – Over 100 specific R-Curves
  • Easily test SpO2 meters with exclusive built-in “finger” sensor
  • Multiple pre-set tests
  • Add Sensitest for analysis of up to 5 unique probes

Compatibility Beyond Compare

To further enhance your pulse oximeter testing requirements, Oxitest Plus7 is compatible with Datrend’s vPad series of Electrical Safety Analyzers*, ES601 Plus, and other automated test systems such as the Fluke® Biomedical medTester 5000C.

Designed for compatibility with a wide variety of pulse oximeters, the Oxitest Plus7 is the efficient, cost-effective solution to your pulse oximeter testing requirements.


  • Easy adjustment of five preset oxygen saturation levels, six preset heart rates and four preset amplitudes
  • Signal Artifact simulations
  • Preset patient parameters
  • Alarm Testing
  • Report printing
  • 2×20 character LCD display gives you all the information you need
  • Identifies the oximeter make and model
  • Status indicator of the test in progress with seven status messages
  • Rate
  • Saturation
  • Pulse Amplitude

* Compatible with vPad-ES/ES 2/Rugged/Rugged 2