Delivers precision measurement for temperature calibration, temperature verification and temperature measurement.

Each gauge includes protective blue rubber boot, 3 AA batteries, shorting plug and user’s manual. Typical applications include temperature calibration, temperature verification and temperature measurement.

Delivers Precision Measurement

  • ± 0.005% of Reading ± 6 μV
  • Measure and source thermocouples
  • Automatic and manual record mode
  • Displays the temperature of a T/C in celsius, fahrenheit, rankine, kelvin, and millivolts.

Ease of Use

  • Large, easy to read display with backlight
  • Lightweight and ergonomic
  • Auto shut off to conserve battery life

Record Mode: Store up to 240 temperature measurements.

  • Automatic – the current value is automatically stored every 5 seconds, for up to 20 minutes.
  • Manual – the current value is stored each time the Units key is pressed, up to 240 times.

Backlight: A green backlight is user activated via the backlight key. A red backlight is automatically activated during an over range condition.

Auto Shutoff: To conserve battery life, the M130 will automatically power off after 30 minutes of keypad inactivity.

Low Battery Indication: BAT icon is displayed when batteries require replacement. Approximately 2 hours of run time remains when BAT appears.