Customizable Measurement Solution

Meriam’s MultiVariable Instrument Pack (MVIP) allows you to create and design a measurement solution for your specialized needs. Built on a foundation of measurements traceable to NIST, Meriam is able to combine a wide range of measurement instruments in a single enclosure.

  • Choose from temperature, pressure, electrical, humidity, and flow instruments

  • Combine sensors in any collection required

  • USB host platform connectivity – other options available

  • Use as a mobile technician tool

  • Use as a fixed installation measurement platform

Workflow Automation

The MultiVariable Instrument Pack (MVIP) can be paired with an application that captures workflow to help guide you through the use of the tool. Critical measurements and task to complete can be scripted in order with automatic data capture and validation. Event and user information collected during the test help verify test quality.

Capture Intermittent Events

Technicians can leave the MVIP in place to capture intermittent system events in long term data logs. These logs help technicians evaluate multiple cycle runs throughout a sterilizer’s daily workflow.


  • Single multivariable instrument calibrator
  • All the measurement tools you need in one enclosure
  • High speed, real time parallel measurement capability
  • Reliable and easy host platform connectivity
  • Robust and field ready enclosure

Use cases

  • Medical device technicians tool
  • Integrated digital measurements platform
  • Clean room monitoring
  • Autoclave analyzing

Do you have other requirements? Meriam can customize an MVIP solution to meet your needs!