An affordable electrical safety analyzer with patient lead leakage testing

The new SafeTest 99 is a simple, rugged and cost-effective medical safety analyzer for general electrical safety and patient lead testing. With a large color display and a color coded user iterface, it’s easy to select the required test at a touch if a button.

Key Features:

  • Patient lead leakage testing in accordance with NFPA-99.
  • Accurate high current, low energy ground continuity testing.
  • Fast step-through of test routines with minimized power breaks.
  • Secondary ground and isolated supply warnings to ensure valid tests.
  • Manual control of fault conditions.
  • Clear and vibrant color display.
  • Universal voltage input.
  • Patient lead adapter box included.
  • Ready to use, box to bench.
  • Supplied with protective carry case.

Electrical/analysis functions:

  • Ground Leakage
  • Chassis Leakage
  • Patient Lead Leakage
  • Ground Continuity

Electrical safety tests:

  • Point-to-point testing
  • Line voltage measurement
  • Line frequency measurement
  • Load current measurement