Designed for use within industrial environments including off-shore, aerospace, and military applications.

Designed to be the mainstay of a modern working laboratory, this 25 ppm calibrator can perform the functions of over 10 calibrators in one fully expandable unit. Built into a robust, transportable enclosure the 9000 Series provides an ideal on-site solution including use on oil / gas platforms, aircraft hangers and other industrial environments. With increasing demand for on site calibrations from your customers, the 9000 series is the obvious choice for your next Multi Product Calibrator.

  • AC/DC Voltage to 1000V
  • AC/DC Current to 30A (1500A with coil)
  • 2 & 4 Wire Resistance to 1G Ohms
  • Capacitance to 10mF
  • Frequency to 10MHz
  • Inductance to 10H
  • Thermocouple Simulation & Measurement
  • PRT Simulation
  • Power Calibration
  • Fully Expandable with External adaptors
  • 9000 Series Transportable Calibrators

The Complete Solution

With their wide workload capability, full output protection including I-GUARD system, fast warm up time, intuitive front panel design, and easy automation capabilities with Procal Software, the 9000 series Multi Product Calibrators offer unprecedented value in calibration – they are truly the best choice of calibrator for all reasons that matter– PERFORMANCE – PRICE – VERSATILITY.

9041A Precision Multiproduct Calibrators (25ppm)
Designed to be the mainstay of a modern working laboratory : provides over 10 instruments in one unit. Fully expandable for the future.

9050A Entry Level Calibrator (50 ppm)
Providing full functionality and 50ppm performance at entry level costs – increase your productivity today!

Transmille’s 9000 series calibrates:

  • Up to 8.5 digit multimeters
  • Watt / power meters
  • Power supplies
  • Hi-pots
  • Data loggers
  • 600mhz digital oscilloscopes
  • RLC meters
  • Insulation testers
  • Electrometers
  • Pressure gauges
  • Clamp meters
  • AC bridges
  • Process control calibrators
  • Current shunts
  • Frequency counters