End-Tidal Carbon Dioxide (EtCO2) Breath Simulator

An advanced End-Tidal Carbon Dioxide (EtCO2) Breath Simulator designed to test capnometers, patient monitors with capnography functionality, and respiratory gas analyzers.

Built on the Vision-Pad (vPad) platform, this intuitive system can generate breath simulation to allow scheduled preventive maintenance or functional testing of both Mainstream and Sidestream Capnography Monitors.

Additionally, vPad-CO2 could be used for waveform simulation for evaluating and testing of respiratory gas analyzers.

vPad-CO2 can be controlled and operated as part of Datrend’s vPad-A1 Multi-Parameter Patient Simulator, or it can run as a standalone unit with an optional 10” screen to carry out only capnography testing.

Finally, vPad-CO2 comes in a portable ruggedized IP67 enclosure that is airtight and waterproof when closed, perfect for on-the-go professionals!