vPad-IV is the most advanced Infusion Device Analyzer on the market today.

vPad-IV’s unique yet simple slide-and-click modular system will allow users to arbitrarily configure each analyzer between 1 – 6 channels. You could start with a single channel today and add more testing capabilities over time to increase your testing throughput since simultaneous testing can be done on all available channels. The modular system will also allow you to send an individual channel to an authorized service center for annual calibration while minimizing your downtime, or perhaps you wanted to reconfigure your vPad-IV into a portable unit before visiting an offsite location.

  • Field configuration between 1-6 channels
  • Large Intuitive User Interface
  • Simple Automatic Pass/Fail Testing
  • Built-in Autosequence Editor
  • Full range class-leading accuracy from 0.1 – 3000 ml/hr
  • Conforms to all IEC 60601-2-24 test requirements