2023 AAMI eXchange Scavenger Hunt — Join the fun and stop at QRS’ Booth 1041

Join the adventure at the AAMI eXchange Scavenger Hunt! The thrill begins and concludes at the MedWrench booth 1545. Passport stamps await you at booth 1041, and our QRS crew will be thrilled to hand you your own. Loads of thrilling prizes and entertainment- the hunt’s got it all! Come and immerse yourself in an unforgettable quest.

The 2023 AAMI eXchange, taking place in scenic Long Beach, CA, June 16-19, 2023, will bring together the entire healthcare technology management and clinical engineering fields for what is sure to be another empowering, rejuvenating and inspiring AAMI eXchange.

We look forward to seeing everyone together in person as we share our knowledge, learn new approaches to today’s challenges, and unite together to move the health technology industry forward.