CMIA Scholarship Applications are Open

The application deadline for scholarships is November 30, 2023!

CMIA has two scholarships available annually:

Frank Yip Scholarship Fund: The Frank Yip Scholarship Fund was established in 1998 as a special tribute to the memory of Franklin Yip, whose untimely passing deeply impacted the community. Created by the CMIA (Certified Medical Equipment Support Specialists) Board of Directors, this scholarship is designed to honor and commemorate the life and contributions of Frank Yip. The fund serves as a lasting legacy by providing financial support to deserving students pursuing their educational goals, particularly in fields related to medical equipment support and technology. Through this scholarship, the CMIA aims to foster and promote education within this specialized sector while preserving the memory of Frank Yip’s dedication to his profession and community.

First Sergeant Warren Bassuk Scholarship Fund: The First Sergeant Warren Bassuk Scholarship Fund is a dedicated scholarship program that aims to provide support and recognition to service members who have demonstrated exceptional dedication and sacrifice in serving, protecting, and defending their country. The scholarship is specifically available to students pursuing their education at the College of Biomedical Equipment Technology (CBET). By offering financial assistance to deserving candidates, the scholarship seeks to encourage and enable service members to further their studies and pursue a career in biomedical equipment technology. Through this initiative, the memory of First Sergeant Warren Bassuk lives on as a symbol of gratitude for the bravery and commitment displayed by those in military service.

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