oneSOURCE and EQ2 HEMS CMMS Partnership

Maintaining Regulatory Compliance and
Making Effective Maintenance Management Easier.

A new robust interface of the oneSOURCE database in EQ2’s HEMS CMMS enables Biomed/HTM professionals to maintain a more thorough and comprehensive biomedical asset lifecycle management program, with access to manufacturers manuals and other critical documentation directly inside of items records in the CMMS.

In addition to making day-to-day life easier for the Biomed, there are countless regulatory benefits, including for AEM. This is especially true since it is required that the hospital have documents from the manufacturer to show why it went to AEM. The hospital can use the industry leading HEMS AEM module to manage the program day-to-day, while using the oneSOURCE HTM Service Document Database to maintain the appropriate documentation.

View the archived recording of the joint webinar demonstration by EQ2 and oneSOURCE Document Management Service, to learn more about how the interface works.